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Into the Daleks clip

Now this is gonna be a fun era of Who…


SMACK DOWN for people who thought they wouldn’t have chemistry

12 looks like he aint gonna give a single fuck about anything omg


don’t be afraid of tomorrow,
just take my hand,
i`ll make it feel so much better

You’re very welcome Peter ♥

tv meme: [2/5] male characters  tenth doctor


Doctor Who Fest: day 12

↳ prompt: favourite parallel // the empty child & the poison sky // quick pen & marker doodle
are you my mummy?


(Don’t read if you haven’t seen Broadchurch may contain spoilers)

Okay I am going to go on a rant here about this show Broadchurch and it’s similar American version Gracepoint.  First of this is great show, it has just the right amount of mystery and drama, and no matter who you think might have done it in the end, it throws you for a complete 360 loop. Now here is the thing to all those who are complaining that Gracepoint is just like Broadchurch from seeing the trailer to the first episode; it is suppose to be exactly the same as the first episode of Broadchurch that is how the the whole damn thing is set up, so they can start to catch the killer of the boy. Now the rest of the show it has been said that it is going to go along with Broadchurch, but some newer characters will be added, and then there will be a completely different ending from Broadchurch, so that means in Gracepoint right now anyone can be the killer including David’s character not saying that is the case, but it is a possibility.

Oh and another thing leave David Tennant’s accent alone. He is trying his best, and trust me as an American we don’t have a true American accent. Yes we sound different from someone from the UK or any other part of the world who speaks English as well, but we come from a country with different regional dialects and also our dialect changes with how and where we are raised. We don’t have to be from a certain region of the US to sound like we are from that region. I was born in the south when I am made I get a draw, but I live in the Midwest and I have been told I have an accent from the Northeast even though I never been there in my life. So if he doesn’t sound like he isn’t from northern California who cares. As long as his acting is good and he brings humanity to his character like he did in Broadchurch then his accent is something to look past. 

Now I am very excited for this show Gracepoint, and I am sorry for this rant being so late.  I am excited to see how different and similar it is going to be of Broadchurch. I am excited to see David Tennant and all the other new actors that will bring this story to life for American audiences. And I know it is going to be just as good or may a bit better than Broadchurch, not saying it will be, but maybe. Who knows?! I am ready for this show to air in the fall, and I really hope that people give it a chance despite everything else.



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